!!!!! Celebrating 50 years of service to Houstonians !!!!

Your support & donation, helps TSH continue to be a vibrant hub for cultural exchange for generations to come.

Your generous donation will enable us to:

  1. Start New Initiatives

• Building on the success of the Tagore Memorial Grove, establish a Tagore Center where we will strive to create a inviting, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic space for gatherings, celebrations, and cultural exchange
• Duplicate the concept of the Tagore Grove in other parks in Houston or even in other cities, to reach a wider audience, and foster a deeper appreciation for Tagore’s legacy and universal message

• Support educational initiatives by introducing language classes, cultural immersion programs

• Preserve and promote the works and universal visions of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore

• Build partnerships with other organizations such as Asia Society, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, etc to promote intercultural programs, and greater appreciation of Tagore’s humanistic message.

  1. Continue Ongoing Initiatives
    • Host educational workshops and performances that introduce Tagore’s treasure trove of literary, cultural, and artistic legacy to a wider, multi-cultural & multi-ethnic enthusiasts,
    • Provide endowments, scholarships and mentorship opportunities for aspiring researchers and scholars interested in the works of Tagore,
    • Expand our cultural programs, performances, and events, celebrating Tagore’s arts, music, and literature

In summary, with your help, we can continue to:
• Bridge cultural divides and create a more inclusive community,
• Celebrate the rich tapestry of Tagore’s heritage,
• Inspire future generations to appreciate the beauty and depth of Tagore’s legacy,
• Ensure that the Tagore Society of Houston continues to be a vibrant hub for cultural exchange for generations to come.